Brand Development

Creating a strong brand identity is increasingly important in today’s competitive world. But there’s more to developing a successful brand than a shiny new logo or brand world document.

A strong brand takes time to develop. It encourages trust and demonstrates what your business is about: how you operate, your ethos and culture and even how your organisation fits within its marketplace.

To be effective, your brand should permeate throughout your organisation – from your external visual identity, website and advertising to social media profiles, company culture, behaviour and tone of voice – it all contributes to the overall impression and consistency is key.

At Encore, we can carry out a full assessment of your current brand, how it is perceived and positioned in your key markets.

If you’re setting up a new organisation or service, we can also work with you to review the markets you wish to enter: Who are the main players? How are they perceived? Where are the gaps in the market and how can this be embodied in your own brand identity?

We’ll work with you to clarify your vision: identifying what it is that makes your organisation or service unique and how you want to reflect this across your organisation.

We’ll then develop a roadmap of simple actions you can put into practice to bring the brand to life at every level of your organisation, helping you communicate effectively both internally and externally.

The result? A strong, effective brand that accurately reflects your organisation and has the capability to evolve with you, building genuine brand equity and creating that all-important longevity.

Yes, we might include a shiny new logo but that’s just one part of the picture!