What does PR mean to you?

Absolutely Fabulous? Press releases? Media coverage? Spin doctors? Cheap advertising?

All of these are popular misconceptions of what PR is about but the truth is little more complicated!

Public Relations is the art of managing reputations.

Whether you’re an individual, an SME or a larger organisation, our role is to help you understand how different groups perceive your organisation before working with you to develop positive relationships with them to help you communicate more effectively.

Depending on your aims, these groups could include customers, employees, suppliers, members of the local community, investors, industry leaders, interest groups and so on… The list is almost endless.

The key is to make sure your communications are co-ordinated across every aspect of your organisation so your messages not only resonate with the people that matter but also ring true across your organisation.

To achieve this, we use a variety of communication tactics.

Firstly, we’ll work with you to assess your current reputation and how this aligns with your future plans and goals.

Then we’ll work with you to develop a wide-ranging Public Relations strategy encompassing a variety of communications tactics that will help you get your messages across.  These include media relations, internal communications, social media support, crisis and issues management, media training, research, consultation and event support.

Every campaign is different and there’s only so much information we can give you on a website. So why not get in touch and find out more about how we can help your business?