Crisis Management

Crisis and issues management is the ‘elephant in the room’ of the communications world.

We all hope we’ll never have to talk about negative issues in public but sometimes life just throws up challenges that create real reputational issues.

How you handle these challenges has a significant impact on how people view your organisation and can strongly influence their willingness to engage with your brand in future.

Spending time developing a robust crisis communications and issues management plan can be one of the best investments your organisation will ever make.

From environmental disasters and product recalls, to workplace accidents and corporate restructures, we can all name organisations that have got it wrong in the past.  But, get it right and, not only can you limit the reputational (and financial) damage to your organisation, but you can actually increase trust and the credibility of your brand.

Naturally, we can’t talk about specific projects we’ve worked on before but Encore Communications’ consultants have a wealth of experience on the front-line of crisis communications.

We can help with all aspects of your crisis and issues management plan: from scenario planning and ensuring you have emergency communications systems in place to training key spokespeople and managing media enquiries, should the worst occur.

To find out more and for a confidential discussion about how we may be able to help, simply contact us