With an ever-expanding selection of tactics to draw on, the key to a successful PR programme is ensuring you get your strategy right from the outset.

Whether its working with trade media to develop your position as industry experts or focusing on public consultation and communication to garner support for a special project, Encore’s senior PR consultants have a wealth of experience developing effective, measurable campaigns that use a variety of PR tactics to achieve your objectives.

One size certainly does not fit all when it comes to effective communication and, while we inevitably draw on a variety of tried and trusted techniques, we’ll never simply transpose an old campaign for a new client.

Instead, we work with you to develop a complete picture of your organisation: where you fit in your marketplace; what you’re working to achieve; and who has influence over your ability to achieve those objectives.

From there, we’ll identify a strategic approach to move your organisation towards its goals, tailoring a series of key messages and approaches for each audience that form part of a coherent, over-arching whole.

To find out more about how we can help you develop and implement an effective PR strategy that can deliver real results for your business, contact us