Sigma Founder presents at AEROMART Montreal

31 March 2015


Aerospace manufacturer Sigma Precision Components will give a presentation on low-weight, low-cost technology at AEROMART Montreal on 1 April.

The company, which has manufacturing facilities in the UK and China, has invested significant time and resources over the last few years developing a range of products – including pipe assemblies and fasteners – that offer significant weight reductions over their traditionally manufactured counterparts.

Mark Johnson, founder and managing director of Sigma Precision Components and Avingtrans PLC’s aerospace division, will give the presentation. He said: “Presenting at AEROMART Montreal provides an exciting opportunity to share the findings of our most-recent research with the wider aerospace industry.

“Both environmental and price concerns have driven an on-going interest in improving aircraft efficiency and exploring ways in which we can improve traditional component design is a key part of this picture.

“At Sigma, we have been investigating a range of new ideas – from using composite materials to applying modern design methodologies to conventional materials to deliver significant weight savings.

“For example, initial results from our COMPipe project suggest that using composite pipes and end fittings in aero-engines could offer weight savings of at least 10kg per engine. This would generate a snowball effect elsewhere in the aircraft, creating an overall empty weight saving of up to 80kg for a twin-jet aircraft.

“If all the engines due to be delivered over the next 20 years were made using COMPipe and its fittings, a saving of 4.5million tonnes of CO2 could be made over the life of the engines and, with several spin off and related R&D projects already underway, these savings are just the beginning.”

As well at looking at weight-saving initiatives, Sigma’s presentation will also explore ways in which global supply chains can be better utilised to offer lower-cost, localised manufacturing solutions.

The presentation takes place at 10.50am on Wednesday 1 April. For further information, visit Sigma at booth 1033 or visit

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