Striata launches Secure Document Repository (SDR)

Global digital transformation specialist Striata has made its Secure Document Repository (SDR) available for general release.

The SDR provides a secure, convenient, online location for organisations to store documents where they can be accessed by either customers or the representatives servicing those customers.

The SDR plugs into the existing interfaces that customers use to interact with a company – mobile, web portal, email or the customer service centre.

For example, if a customer receives an encrypted invoice by email, and wants to compare it to the previous month’s invoice, they can click on a link in the secure attachment, authenticate themselves and retrieve the document from the SDR.

Alternatively they can log on to the company’s secure web portal and retrieve the document they need; they can do the same via mobile app; or they can contact the call centre and an agent can view the document and respond to any queries the customer has.

Documents are encrypted by Striata’s platform when stored to ensure they can only be securely accessed, and users can retrieve documents from the repository by logging in with the appropriate security details. Documents can also be encrypted at both database and individual levels.

The SDR is cloud-ready and can be deployed on site or as a software-as-a-service option. It supports any type of electronic document format (PDF, HTML, images, etc,) and uses smart compression technology to minimize storage requirements.

SDR requires minimal set-up and customization, unlike many document management platforms, and offers easy integration via a common API (Application Programming Interface).

Business benefits include:

–       business continuity – documents can be easily replicated for redundancy purposes

–       cost-savings & customer service – customers can serve themselves rather than using slower, more expensive channels

–       scalability – the solution is enterprise-grade and is designed for a clustered database environment

–       efficiency – the compression technology results in storage space savings

–       compliance – built-in encryption meets requirements for customer data to be securely stored

–       ease of access – search capabilities are built-in to the solution

Michael Wright, CEO of Striata, said: “The SDR is a complementary solution to Secure Document Delivery (SDD) and enables customers to pull documents as required, where the SDD pushes documents, like invoices and statements, to customers securely and electronically by email.

“The ability to access secure, digital documents is assisting organisations to move to paperless environments, with the cost and security benefits that such a move enables.

“The combination of SDD and SDR enables Striata to deliver a comprehensive digital customer communication solution to its clients.”

Striata has recently been recognised by Gartner as a Niche Player in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Communications Management Software (2015). In its report, Gartner estimates that “CCM was an $800 million market for fiscal year 2014, and it is expected to show a compound annual growth rate of 9.8% from 2015 to 2020. Cost optimisation remains one of strongest drivers for CCM — more than 70% of the customers Gartner surveyed reported that their top goal for implementing CCM was reducing the costs associated with printing and postage. This means a shift away from print to electronic communications” [from Gartner, Inc. Magic Quadrant for Customer Communications Management Software, 2015, Karen M. Shegda, Kenneth Chin, Pete Basiliere, December 21, 2015]

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