Twitter – why it’s right for EVERY business

Indulge us in some stats for just a minute.

Twitter was created in 2006.

There are 328 million active users on Twitter (as at 27/7/17). *

There are 157 million daily active users on Twitter (as at 27/7/17). *

Despite these impressive user numbers, we still come across businesses that are not utilising the power of Twitter to promote their products or services.  Given the range of businesses on Twitter, from Nike and Amazon to our local pub, we can’t help but feel that the ones that aren’t on Twitter are missing a trick.  And here’s why…

  1. Connect with your customers

This is our number one reason for suggesting that any business gets on Twitter.  Any business knows that one of the best way to sell a product or service is to be where your customers are.  We guarantee that at least some of your customers are on Twitter.  For many people, as with Facebook, logging on to Twitter is part of their daily routine.  So, to connect with them and they with you, being on Twitter is a great start.  Further if any of your customers are unhappy, they WILL Tweet about it so you need to be there to be able to respond.

  1. Branding

For any business, branding is important.  This goes beyond simply having a recognisable logo.  It’s part of a wider perception about your business; what you stand for, how you sell your products or services and how customers feel about business.  You can utilise Twitter to create a ‘voice’ for your business that fits with your brand and even better, a voice that can engage with your customers and potential customers.

  1. Customer Feedback

These days every business wants feedback.  We don’t seem to be able to buy anything without being handed a receipt asking us to go online and fill out a questionnaire or leave a Google Review.  This is fine but we are all time poor and, with the best will in the world, many of us simply don’t have the time.  However, what we have seen is a growing trend for people to put feedback on Twitter.  It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s short.  Music to a consumers’ ears.  Businesses often worry about negative feedback on social media (not just Twitter).  We will cover negative publicity in a future blog but for now, we will simply say that while it is possible that someone may leave a negative comment, there are ways to respond to that feedback that usually resolve the issue.  Bear in mind though that many people leave glowing comments on Twitter, again because of its ease of use. People are more likely to say something like “enjoyed a delicious sandwich @[     ] and great service too!” on Twitter than fill in a lengthy feedback form.

  1. Marketing

Marketing your business can be an expensive activity.  Adverts, banners, leaflets, websites, PPC and exhibitions to name but a few all cost money.  The beauty of Twitter is that ‘organic’ use is FREE (other than the time it takes to log on regularly and engage with your audiences).

Further, Tweets help boost your organisation’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) helping it to be found more easily by potential customers.

What’s not to love?

  1. Company updates

Another great aspect of Twitter is that you can use it to give your customers up to the minute information about your business.  For larger businesses like aviation and rail this is proving a fantastic tool for keeping customers informed of service disruption or delays.

But smaller businesses can make use of it too.  For example, a coffee shop may be a bit quiet one afternoon and decide to run an impromptu ‘coffee and cake offer’ to attract customers.  You may have a problem with your telephone lines one morning so could Tweet “e-mail us today as our ‘phone lines are down”.  Either way, it’s a great way of keeping your customers informed.

  1. No geographical restrictions

It is fair to say that some businesses are only looking to sell to a narrow geographical market.  But many businesses have wide geographical sales potential, if they could reach those audiences effectively.   This is where Twitter comes in to its own.  The visibility of an advert in a magazine is limited to the magazine’s distribution.  Leaflets are only seen by those people that pick them up.  Twitter has no geographical restrictions.  You can reach audiences not just locally but nationally and internationally.  Furthermore, you can pick up content from around the globe that may be of use to your customers and share it.

  1. Stay on top of industry news and identify opportunities

We’ve already mentioned that you can use Twitter to connect with your customers but what about using it to research your markets and keep up to date with industry developments? Everyone is vocal on Twitter – be they customers, competitors, suppliers, industry commentators or other key influencers. This provides a goldmine of information you can use to develop your business. Plus, if people are complaining about your competitors or journalists are looking for information about issues pertinent to your sector, monitoring twitter means you’re going to be well placed to swoop in and assist!

      8.  Increase sales

All the above are nice but ultimately, why does any business use Twitter?  Quite simply, to increase sales.  We often hear business owners say things like “it’s not right for our business”, or “my customers aren’t on Twitter” or “it’s not the right target audience for us”.  We refer back to the stats at the start of this article – 328 million users!  Surely some of these are your customers?

20 years ago, websites were relatively new and not every business had one.  Today, if you don’t have an online presence, you almost don’t exist.  Social media, including Twitter, is pretty much the same.  Whatever you use Twitter for – be it research, promotion, customer service, exhibitions, community development or simply another channel through which to drive traffic to your website – if you’re not there, you won’t be as visible as you could be and you’re likely to be ceding opportunities to competitors that do make use of the platform.

Of course, all of the above refers to organic use of twitter rather than paid for (more on the latter in a future post).  There is also a huge variety of social media channels you could engage with and picking the right platforms is essential.  However, we work with businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors, including manufacturing, education, legal, energy, aerospace, retail, property and more.  All have seen tangible results from utilising the power of Twitter.

So, if you are not already using Twitter, have we convinced you that you should be?  If you are still unsure why not give us a call on +44 (0)7740 872852and see how we can help you get things underway.


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